Why choose to work with Amie

If you've ever been in a conversation where the person you are speaking with REALLY listens, then you'll know what a great experience that can be! 

I will help you to see your choices and empower you to take the decisions or actions that are right for you. 

I give you the opportunity to have a brutally honest conversation with yourself; talking through issues often creates new ideas and I will help you grab hold of them and turn them into actions.

Regardless of your reason for choosing coaching, hiring the right coach makes all the difference.  I specialise in helping my clients through life changes as a result of triggers such as as redundancy, promotion, leaving or returning to work, or indeed completely changing your life focus!

Having a coach will enable you to make the transition smoother and quicker, than if you were doing it alone. You can also see my LinkedIn profile here

I am a member of the Association for Coaching and I abide to a strict code of ethics set out by the AC, as well as undertaking regular coaching supervision for my own continued development.