Mindset Coach

& Motivational Speaker

I get it, you start to make changes, get yourself ready for action, then life happens and it just feels too hard.  As a busy parent I know that it’s all too easy to put yourself down the priority list. You know you SHOULD be doing something but you lose focus, your energy levels drop and its easier to go back to your old ways.  Even if you’re kids have flown the nest, old habits die hard, right?

You look at people who seem to have it all together and wonder how that could be possible for you…?
I’ve been where you are, those niggles that there must be more to life than this, you know you’ve got so much to give, but you haven’t quite found the way to make it happen yet?

I was stuck in that place for a really long time…I mean a ridiculous length of time!!


Sometimes you’re not ready to sign up to a course, or programme, so what then?   I know that you’re busy, and maybe you’ve not focused on yourself for a while.  When you’re not used to putting yourself first, it can feel hard to invest, even when you know it will make a positive difference. Maybe you’ve been on one of my programmes, and you’re looking for something that doesn’t mean you have to look at the screeen…

You can buy the Even Better Me™ card deck! 

Packed full of positive, practical prompts that will take you 5 minutes or less but impact you for much longer!

If you’re ready to go all in with me, breakthrough what’s been holding you back and step forward towards your hopes and dreams, then working with me on an individual basis is for you


Focus on Me is based around the steps I took to get me from fear of making a change to freedom; freedom to actually step into owning my life and not letting it all happen around me.  Over a structured 10 week programme, you’ll be guided through each step with video training, live coaching calls and a fabulous pop-up community where you can learn together!
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