The majority of the work I do involves working with individuals and groups helping them find ways to be at their best, whether at work or home.
What I’ve learnt through this is that your ‘best’ is personal to you. No one can tell you what that is – you just have to find out for yourself!
As a result of this, I have done a substantial about of work on myself considering what this means to me and what it means when I am at my best.
I’ve found that its essential to understand yourself better and consider whether you are making the most of being at your best each day. You will know you are at your best if you are enjoying life, relaxed, full of energy and happy! For me, this means a great big smile across my face!

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You could spend hours or even days trying to define and work out what being at your best means to you, or you could just try some of the techniques below and see what emerges for you.
Take the opportunity to give some of these a go and learn about when you are at your best.

One thing I’m proud of?

This is a quick daily or weekly exercise. Reflect on this and if you can – choose more than one thing! It’s a great starting point to actually stop and think. You may not have been at your best – even though you are proud. Or on the flip side you might notice when you are at your best and you didn’t realise it before!
Either way, reflect on it and write in a journal if you want to. I think this is great for maintaining positivity and it helps you to see yourself differently

What are my Strengths?

You can spend as much or little time on this as you want, but I find the most benefit comes from doing this over a period of a few days or so. The idea is to list your (many)strengths. Ideally, you should start with a blank piece of paper and as you notice yourself getting into the flow with certain things, just note it down. If you can, also include any example where you notice yourself using that particular strength.
Same applies if you are thinking about your values. We often find that we are most happy and content when living and breathing the values that are closest to our hearts.

How are my Energy levels?

Make a note of when your energy levels are at their highest and lowest. It may help you to be more productive if you can plan tasks around the peaks and troughs. When we are more productive, we feel less overwhelmed and more in control. I’ve done another article on personal productivity, so have a look if you need inspiration.
One thing that you will most definitely come to realise if you haven’t already is that it’s about the whole you. When you are at your best, your energy levels soar and you’ll feel contented, happy and at your best.

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