Sometimes life just feels like one big challenge right? Other times things seem to be in flow just going along nicely and other times it’s like we’re on fire, just totally focused and on it.

So what’s different about all of these things and what could be contributing?

When I’m ‘on fire’, super motivated, turbo charged, however you want to describe it, it’s usually because I’m:

💙Well rested
💙Eating cleverly, not filling myself with junk
💙Happy in relationships, spending quality time with family
💙Enjoying the work I’m doing
💙Feeling a sense of accomplishment, maybe that’s completing a task, working with a client or just nailing my accounts

Its incredibly hard to work effectively when things aren’t quite sitting right and when you put a drained energy into your life, work or biz, guess what? It shows up?
So when you’re feeling like life is a bit of a struggle, try some of the tips above to get back on track.. Or grab a notebook, empty your brain or ideas, thoughts and feelings. Write down what is getting in your way and you’re more likely to be able to see a way through it.

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