It comes up time and time again – “I never make time for myself”, “by the time I get to thinking about me, I’m exhausted and ready for bed, but still end up doing a million and one jobs before I get there”….

I hear you…

You’re probably fed up of feeling overwhelmed? Frustrated with not seeing things through despite your best intentions? And ready to throw in the towel on prioritising yourself.  Now you’re here, you can breathe, you can focus on what’s important to you.  I can help you to escape the things that have held you back until now to step into a live the life you want to lead and be truly happy!

You want someone to walk beside you, guiding you step by step

You want someone checking in for accountability and to support you to keep on track

You just want to focus on yourself without any other social noise or distractions

How it works?

I coach from the heart and I know what is tried and tested.  I bring in a whole range of things to help you along the way.  You have the freedom to explore your own thoughts and feelings, with me guiding, supporting and giving you the questions that help you to discover the answers for yourself.

Ultimately, my mission is to help you to take steps towards living your best life, so we spend the time on what will make the most difference to you right now.  Usually I find that the topics below crop up the most frequently.

My goal was to feel less stressed. During sessions, Amie helped me to identify small changes, some which seemed so ridiculously simple, that actually made a big (and positive) impact. I had some huge lightbulb moments during the sessions and in between, because the questions really got me thinking. Having a coach helped me to figure this stuff out, the questions Amie asked just helped me really make sense of why I was feeling the way I was; things then fit into place and I was able to let go of things I no longer needed to hang on to.


We work together for 12 weeks, but the impact lasts so much longer!

Session length can vary – we’ll discuss what seems the best fit for you in our pre-session planning call; even better, it’s not set in stone so we can work as flexibly as needed.

Let’s talk before you hit the button to work with me and work out what is going to be best for you.

I would HIGHLY recommend Amie, she always brings such clarity to moments of fog and overwhelm. On numerous occasions she has helped me to organise my mindset, enabling me to crack on with a task and drive it forward

Creating a GREAT GOAL

We’ll nail what you’re aiming for and you’ll get fired up about working towards it


You’ll be focusing on the things you do day to day that empower or undermine you – and we’ll work on changing the ones that no longer work for you and your goals


You’ll discover or reconnect to your strengths, and be able to practically see how they can help you


We’ll be talking about the balance between drive and motivation, how to stay on track when the going gets tough, because no matter how focused you are, we all experience a wobble at some point

Get into your MIND

We’ll go deep into your mind, look at the language you use and how you can help your mind help you

Taking it FORWARD

You’ll be working on your plan for the next few months and beyond, ensuring that you keep emotionally invested in your progress with some clear and measurable milestones.
At first I was deflated, the wind taken from my sails, feeling like a failure I quickly typed a message to my coach – and Amie said “RING ME!”. A 10 minute conversation helped get my brain back in gear and focus on what I needed to do differently next time

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