From wondering if a better life is possible for you, to confidence that your best life is right there waiting for you to grab it with both hands!


Had enough looking after everyone else?

Now it’s your time to find your purpose and be happy from today!


If nothing changes, nothing changes right?  Many people tell me that they have dusty piles of self help books on their shelves, just waiting to be read or implemented, the trouble is, if you don’t know how to make it real for you, and what you’re aiming for – where do you start?

It’s not selfish or indulgent…

There are always other people to look after, chores to deal with and stuff to do. That’s life, but how many times have you had those little niggles about a better life? How many times have you daydreamed about your perfect day?

Living your own even better life begins with focusing on you, and what’s important. So perhaps taking 3 or 4 hours out, does feel selfish, maybe it fills you with questions about how on earth it’s possible? You’re not being selfish, or self indulgent – you’re undertaking essential maintenance!

Jess said “I felt so nervous beforehand, coming was a big thing for me and it would have been easy not to come, but I’m so glad I did!”

So here’s what I’m offering:

  • 3 hours to see if a better life is possible for you, starting to explore the change and how to make it happen, vs. the rest of your life wondering?
  • No more wasting time or money on quick fixes with no results
  • Practical, fun and actionable workshops all designed to start the ball rolling for you.

Nicola popped a note in Facebook after our first workshop “I’m feeling really fired up to think about the vision of my best life, thank you Amie Crews, loved the first session!”

Workshop 1 - Monday 8pm

Why vision is so powerful and the 3 big mistakes people make when getting started

Without a destination, how do you know which direction to go? Explore your ideal life vision and learn about the mistakes so you can avoid them!

Workshop 2 - Tuesday

The impact of setting goals and the mindset shifts that matter to bring them to life

You’ve got the destination; time to set the compass and get moving with the Goal Setter Strategy™

Workshop 3 - Wednesday

You’ve got the vision, you’re taking those steps now it’s about noticing the impact

This workshop is all about taking action and you’ll walk away clear about your best next step

Q&A and Catch Up - Thursday

Answering all your questions

You will want to ask questions, tap into my knowledge and ideas get answers; this is your time!

Celebration Party - Friday

You’ve gone all in for yourself this week – now it’s time to party!

Recapping on the key messages from the workshop and celebrating you! Plus special announcements and winners

Plus there will be live Q&A sessions, helping you to implement your ideas! AND, don’t miss out on the very last session – our Celebration Party where I will be sharing a very exciting opportunity to continue your experience, plus I will be announcing some surprises along the way!

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