From wondering if a better life is possible for you, to confidence that your best life is right there waiting for you to grab it with both hands!


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I know you’re busy rushing around, and me-time often comes at the end of a never-ending list.

But what if I told you that a better, happier life is right there at the end of your list?

It’s time to focus on you, rediscovering your hopes and dreams, and seeing what might be possible for you



There are always other people to look after, chores to deal with and stuff to do. That’s life, but how many times have you had those little niggles about a better life?

How many times have you daydreamed about your perfect day?

If nothing changes, nothing changes right?  Many people tell me that they have dusty piles of self help books on their shelves, just waiting to be read or implemented, the trouble is, if you don’t know how to make it real for you, and what you’re aiming for – where do you start?

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Best Life Bootcamp, but 2 pages of scribbles later and I feel like I could be living my best life sooner than later. And it’s only the first workshop! Laura V.

It’s not selfish or indulgent…

Living your own even better life begins with focusing on you, and what’s important. Maybe you’re feeling stuck in a rut, and have no idea what me-time even means past the cheesy idea of a hot bath or shower, reading a book or candles and blankets?

 The best thing I’ve invested in for free, and I’m ready for the next step, Vicky H 

So here’s the deal:

  • Invest a couple of hours in yourself to see how a better life is possible for you; have some fun with me exploring it
  • No more wasting time or money on quick fixes with no results
  • Practical, fun and actionable workshops all designed to start the ball rolling for you.

Isn’t it a better option to come in open-minded, and curious, instead of spending the rest of your life wondering what could be different?

I’m feeling really fired up to think about the vision of my best life, thank you Amie Crews, loved it!” – Nicola B.  

Workshop 1 - Monday 7th March, 8pm

Set your vision

Without a destination, how do you know which direction to go? See what’s possible for you when you give yourself permission to explore your ideal life vision.

Workshop 2 - Tuesday 8th March, 8pm

Goal Setter Strategy

You’ve got the destination; time to set the compass and get moving with the Goal Setter Strategy™

Discover the mistakes people make when they set their vision, and what it takes to overcome it

Workshop 3 - Wednesday 9th March, 8pm

Mindset for action

Learn about the key mindset shifts that successful people make and the incredible impact of small steps.

Q&A and Catch Up - Thursday 10th March

Answering all your questions

Ask questions, tap into my knowledge and ideas; this is your time!

Celebration Party - Friday 11th March, 8pm

You’ve gone all in for yourself this week – now it’s time to party!

Recapping on the key messages from the workshop and celebrating you! Plus special announcements and winners

The workshops will be held live and I strongly encourage you to join and and protect your time as this is about putting you higher up the list of priorities.

There will be prizes too because I want to reward you for your action taking!.

Finally, just to be fully transparent. I don’t believe in sleazy hidden sales pitches, so I don’t do them! During the Best Life Bootcamp, we’ll be purely focused on giving you an incredible experience, there is no hidden agenda. However, if you’ve loved the week and you want to take the next step with me, I will tell you about that at the very end of the Best Life Bootcamp experience

We start on 7th March - don't miss out