If you’re anything like me, every week you’ll have something that triggers you to suddenly catch yourself and think “whaaaat? Where’s the week gone? It can’t be this time next week already?!” I noticed this a lot when I first stepped into part time work and had a ‘Business Development Wednesday’. It was actually quite an eye-opener to notice what had or hadn’t happened between Wednesday’s and how a week can disappear in a flash.

Life is busy at the best of times right?! You’re juggling work, pleasure, family commitments, life admin and everything else you’ve got going on right now!

Its a fine balance between being busy, productive and on top of things, versus being a bit stressy, rushing around fitting everyone and everything in and not quite feeling on top of life.
I know this is speaking to you, because it’s sure speaking to me!! Like me, you’re a busy person, you enjoy life and want to enjoy it more, you like to feel as though you’re getting things done, making progress but even when things are going well, there still doesn’t seem to be enough time?

Especially over seasonal changes, school holidays, I know there’s loads of you having to balance work with family time, be in your business whilst trying to have loads of other time off with your kids (because that’s one reason you chose to go self – employed), and generally trying to squeeze everything in.

Something I’ve learned the hard way is that sometimes, the best thing to do instead of battling against the tide, wearing ourselves down and trying to be everything to everyone and every given time… Is to adjust our expectations.  I know it sounds so simple and obvious when it’s written down🙈
This one simple action will allow you to achieve everything you want and need, but just do it differently.  The other benefit, aside from making progress, is to lose the unnecessary baggage, drop the guilt and focus on placing your energy and attention on where you are. I hear stories all the time of people who are at work and desperately thinking about everything they need to do at home, yet when they’re at home desperately thinking about everything they need to do at work!!

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