Welcome to Focus on Me – The Online Programme!

Week 1 – Focus and Vision

You will get SUPER CLEAR on your focus on during the programme, get fired up and ready for ACTION

Week 2 - Strengths and Sabotage

You’ll learn how to maximise your strengths and begin to discover how you may be sabotaging yourself without knowing

Week 3 - Your Belief System

You will explore strategies to enable you to escape the FEAR and you’ll learn one simple daily practice that will change your mindset



Week 4 - Creating Healthy Habits

You’ll start learning about habits, how you can make simple changes to bring better habits into your life both internally and externally

Week 5 - Energetic Exchange

You focus will be on your own energy and how you can manage your own energetic cycles effectively.  You’ll also look at energy influencers and develop coping strategies.

Week 6 - Resilience and Motivation

You’ll explore what keeps you focused when things get tough and learn strategies for maximising willpower, staying motivated and in a place of action, reflection and recognition

Week 7-9 - Future Focus

You’ll be taking what you’ve learned into your future plan; refocusing your vision and reprioritising your goals. This is the consolidation stage!


Week 10 - Celebration

You’ll reflect on your achievements, what you’ve learned and how you are going to use this information to drive your future plan


Show up for yourself

I have created a space where its TOTALLY OK to show up without your mask; be honest with yourself, then you’ll still the results – we all begin our journey somewhere. Personal transformation comes when you are really clear about where you’re starting from.
Take the mask off and show up as you are.

This is a space to learn and grow, with that, might come some discomfort – maybe that’s about admitting where you are, maybe it’s to do with being REALLY honest with yourself, maybe it’s about being bold about where you want your life to go.  Sharing what you find hard and being willing to work on progress is what’s going to get you the results you’re looking for. And yes, its entirely possible to experience life changing results from this programme!

I will 100% match your energy and efforts, and I will be the lighthouse to show you the way when you feel like you can’t see a way forward. I’ll help you get over, under or through your barriers.  But, there is always free will – you must be ready to do something – even if you think it might be tough – when you sign up, you’re telling me that you’re…


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