You’ve started to think about your vision, maybe even begun to plan some of your next steps.  Now, we are starting to focus on what you already have that can help you make progress, and where you might be tripping yourself up.

Those stumbling blocks that you started to note in the previous module – keep those in mind as you work through this week.




Suss out your strengths.

We all have strengths, but do you know what yours are and are you using them to help you?

We’ve all got a ‘story’, and it’s made up of all of our experiences that have taken us to this point.

The video for this one is short to leave time for you to do the work.  If words flow, let them. If words don’t come easily, connect with the feelings.  Begin with the pivotal moments in your life or particular memories that bubble up.  For example, you’ll hear an example that I reference about money.  I remember exactly where I was when my belief was created (even though I didn’t realise it at the time) – it became part of my money story.

Reasons or excuses?

This super simple magic formula will help you to get the results you want.  It’s about putting in the effort, and doing where the actions are actually going to make a difference.

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