You’ve started to think about your vision, maybe even begun to plan some of your next steps.  Now, we are starting to focus on what you already have that can help you make progress, and where you might be tripping yourself up.

Those stumbling blocks that you started to note in the previous module – keep those in mind as you work through this week.




Habits creep into our lives in all sorts of ways. This week is all about noticing your habits and builds on where you can use your strengths to help you – and brings in the learning from last week too.
I love the compound effect, it really helps you to make sense of the progress you’re making and reminds you to TRUST THE PROCESS!

Whilst this video doesn’t talk directly to habits, there is a really important message about the incredible impact of taking action – even those small steps add up to make a huge difference.

Here is an affirmation that you can experiment with if it resonates with you right now
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