We are all energetic beings so it makes sense that what we do (or don’t do), who we interact with and what’s going on internally, all impacts our energy system.

This week I want you to really focus on your own energy – what gives you a buzz (think back to using those strengths), what drains you and how you can work towards balancing your energy.


You are an energetic being  and your energy naturally changes depending on both internal and external factors. For example, when you were at the beginning of this programme, your energy was probably high – feeling motivated, excited and building momentum? During the time you are ‘doing the work’, you’ll notice that your energy changes, goes quieter, perhaps more introspective.  When you experience those ‘ah-ha’ breakthrough moments, you’ll find that your energy shifts again.  Then, looking at other lifestyle choices, how much sleep you’ve had, who you spend time with and what you’re spending your time doing – it all impacts our energy systems.
You can change your energy levels.  OK – that’s true most of the time, there are definitely things you can do that can shift your energy, but if you’re tired, you can’t pretend to have boundless energy.

Sometimes, a simple and quick energy intervention can make all the difference though.  Even if it doesn’t change the physical energy in your body, it can change the emotional energy – all good for your mind.

Starting your day in a way that works for you is so important.  Barring demands of family life, the single gift I give to myself everyday is to follow the system to the left here. To embrace my life – I am waking and being given the opportunity to spend another day on this planet and I want to set myself up to make a difference every single day.   Give this a go every morning for a week – you can do this in bed just as you wake, or whilst you’re having your morning cuppa – find a way that works for you.
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