We all experience resistance from time to time, whether in the work environment, in your business or at home.

Resistance is natural, its the brains way of saying “woah there, something feels different, time for me to step in and protect you!”
Of course the brain is right to do that, if something feels risky or unsafe, its important to notice and acknowledge the message before forging on regardless!

There are soooo many reasons why people express resistance, and sometimes its overt, sometimes covert – so it can be really difficult to notice, even in yourself!  Here are some of the themes that regularly crop up in my experience:

  • lack of confidence
  • fear of the unknown
  • lack of support
  • tried before and didn’t work
  • don’t know how
  • worried about others judgement or opinion
  • lack of self belief
  • don’t want to put the energy and effort in
  • unable to name the benefits
  • don’t have a big enough reason for change yet
  • unwilling to face up to emotions underpinning the resistance
  • perceived negative consequences in previous attempts

Tackling each of those resistance areas to make progress and personal growth is key. Surfacing them is really important  and noticing how some of these might resonate with you.  Resistance can emerge at any time, I’ve felt totally confident and ready for action, then a chance conversation made me question my ability in the moment. Thankfully I was able to quickly manage myself out of it, but we can all experience these things


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