It’s funny how busy we all are. We rarely think about what is happening in the moment or even reflect on what has been going on recently for us.
Typically this happens at the beginning and end of the year, but that’s a whole new topic! I’ve created a simple guide with some ideas to help you regain control of your life, whatever is going on. And, if you want more insight on this, just get in touch.

Pause – yes that’s it. Pause!
Please – even if only for a short time. When was the last time that you took some time to consider how things are going for you right now? By taking even 5 minutes to just give this some thought it will enable you to reflect on what is going on whether work or home.

Write Sit in front of your PC or laptop, or get some paper.Note everything down that you’ve just thought about. This might take some time as you’ll probably surprise yourself at how much is actually happening for you at the moment.
Something else that my clients have found useful is writing a day or a week in the life of…This will help you to recognise where your time goes and understand how you can utilise it better. (I work with a lot of people on effective use of time!).

Make a decision – Ok, I know this seems obvious, but if you’ve been a bit overwhelmed with everything, its really important to prioritise what is really important to you right now. This could be one or more items that you just want to tie up or get a handle on. If you have more than 3 items, still write them down but them pick your top 1, 2 and 3.

Take action!  You’ve taken the effort to get to your top 3 priorities, now which one of those are you going to take action on? Decide what you want to do, how much time you can realistically allocate to it and when you are going to take action.

Chore, bore or want? How committed are you? If it’s a chore rather than a want, you’ll find it very difficult. Make a personal promise to yourself to working with your actions, not against them. Monitor and review daily and weekly and when you start to make an excuse, stop yourself!!

Support, share and challenge If you feel you can, share with people what you are trying to achieve. Get support from people and ask them to help you if it’s appropriate. Having someone who asks “so, how are you getting on with xx”, can be a gentle nudge to get back on track!
Each day, take time to think about how you are feeling, are you getting a grip?

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