I’m not talking about the plumbing in your home, this is a great way of noticing whether you, or people around you give you that warm, fuzzy feeling, or suck the life from your soul.

You’ll know you’re experiencing a drain, if you dread picking up the phone to that person because  they always talk about themselves in conversations, without being that interested in what you have to say, they share problems without considering solutions or ways forward, they stay in negativity and cloud you with it too and generally you find yourself unhappy in their company, or drained as a result.

Think about yourself for a moment. You’re probably a radiator if people comment that they feel energised around you, or that you lift their spirits.  Of course they might have problems that they need support with from time to time, but generally they are a good person who gives as well as receives.  Being with a radiator is a positive, life-enhancing experience. This could also apply to situations you find yourself in, or whilst completing certain activities.
What do you think your friends, family or work colleagues would say about you?

So now you know what I’m talking about, here are 5 ways to handle drains and manage your own energy.

  1. Know what drains you, and what sustains you; if you aren’t already aware of who or what drains you, start here. Without that knowledge you won’t be able to protect yourself, so get noticing who you hang out with that makes you feel great, and who doesn’t.
  2. Prepare yourself! You won’t always be able to completely avoid the person or situation, so help yourself out by being mentally and physically prepared.  Use your affirmations, visualise a protective cloak around you to maintain your own energy balance and as much as possible, give yourself a breather, during or after (even if its sneaking off to the loo more frequently!). Think of them like the midday sun; limit your exposure and wear protection!
  3. Make sure you’re looking after yourself with plenty of fresh air, well hydrated and grounded.  If you are, you’re more likely to remain resilient and sustain yourself better. Where are you at your best? Which environments do you thrive in – where is your happy place?
  4. Remain with gratitude. I know its difficult sometimes, but honestly, reconnecting with what you feel grateful for (including the tricky stuff/people), really does help you to view life through a more positive lens. Start with acknowledging 3 good things from your day and practice this daily.
  5. Take steps to recharge at every available opportunity.  Make sure you’re well rested, if the choice is between an extra episode on Netflix or an extra hours sleep – choose wisely!  In amongst everything that you’re doing for everyone else, take time for you. 5 minutes is better than nothing and everyone can manage 5 minutes!  If you need to, go for a walk around the block, sit in the car or lock yourself away!

If you’re reading this and thinking, “ah, but she doesn’t know about MY life and how hectic it can be”, then remember you don’t have to do all of these things, but you know, sometimes the easiest things to do are the easiest to de-prioritise, so this is your chance to focus on you!

Amie x

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