Unless you’ve experienced it already, it can be difficult to justify how coaching works.

Of course the simplicity of having a conversation with a coaching client is underpinned by hours and hours of study and practice to get it to a place where it appears effortless. In the past I’ve had people who have questioned my fees, saying ‘surely you’re just talking’, er..yeah I am…and there is a method, an acute listening ear and an eye to calibrate what I see.

The conversation can be really powerful, and if you’re wondering how coaching works, lets talk!  If you’re thinking about how you can get the best from your coaching conversations – with me or with anyone else (it’s ok – we’re not all a perfect match for each other), have a read of my 7 coaching commandments.

Give yourself space to explore

Every single person is holding onto emotions and sometimes a coaching session is the first time you’ve said things out loud, maybe even the first time realising it.  Acknowledge it for yourself can feel hard, and as your coach, I’m there to help you turn it into something constructive

Benchmark yourself – kindly

We are our own worst critic. It’s not even conscious some of the time. When you start with coaching you begin a level of personal awareness that you may not have experienced before, and if you have, may not have admitted it out loud. So acknowledge where you are, its not an issue – we are all somewhere we don’t want to be, that’s why we are seeking something to help us.

Be curious, give things a go

In coaching sessions, you’ll come up with your own ideas, and sometimes your coach might, with permission, offer an observation or perspective which might challenge what you’re comfortable with.  During coaching sessions, I often use a range of techniques, not just ‘having a conversation’, so allow yourself to be open to something different.

Commit with power and focus

If you are going to invest financially and emotionally in coaching then the least you can do for yourself is to absolutely commit to the programme and process.  If you’re struggling, talk openly to your coach and let them know what you need. Do what you say you’re going to do

Be honest with yourself

Its easy to show up to coaching and not want to tell the whole truth. Maybe you’re embarrassed or ashamed of something, or believe you should be further ahead than you are.  I don’t judge you – no coach will!  When you show up for coaching, you get the best and most accelerated results when you are honest with yourself and your coach.  No comparison-itis here please!

Create your own action plan

It’s no use someone telling you what to do. The power of coaching is in the support and accountability – you decide what you’re going to do, how and by when!  Your coach might offer suggested areas to explore or develop in between sessions and its always YOUR CHOICE. That is a really important part for me.  You always choose where to focus your attention.

Share your insights

Share what you’re discovering – not just with your coach, with anyone who will listen. If you are making progress – HUGE or TINY – its still progress.  You’re coach will one million percent recognise this and its so important to recognise your progress, even if you’re not quite ready to share it yet.

Are you thinking about working 1:1 with a coach?  I am very pleased to offer an initial consultation to see if its your thing. Drop me a message to book in.


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