We all want to live our best happy life, right? But how?

It took me YEARS to work out what it would take for me to be happy, contented and live a fabulous life without breaking the bank, damaging relationships or being selfish.  I speak to so many people (women in particular), who are busy, stressed and hardly make time for themselves, heck, I was one of them!!

These cards take all the faffing and indecision out of your hands with helpful affirmations, daily rituals, strategies for success and cards to prompt you to review your progress.

Packed full of tried and tested methods whether you’re a curious change seeker or already on a mission towards living well. In just 5 minutes of me-time, these cards can prompt new thinking and positive, practical ideas that will help you:

  • Feel calmer
  • Experience less overwhelm
  • Get clarity on what is really important in your life
  • Discover simple ways to inject more ease into life
  • Become less shouty and more human

This product is currently in a print process and will be posted as soon as possible, expected delivery time is early to mid November

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