I’m not perfect. No one is.
No matter how things look on social media🤳 no one lives a glossy life 100% of the time.

I have battles with my own mind; I make excuses and try to call them reasons in order to justify why I’m not doing something.
I’ve learned to notice this and tackle it (mostly) before it takes hold and to understand what’s really behind it.
When I say I haven’t got time…is it because its not a big enough priority for me right now or is it genuinely that I have used up all my available capacity? And if its important, what can I change to make time?

I’m not saying that no reason is valid, because that’s simply not true…
So here is your thought for the day; reflect on your own excuses…too tired, no time, too much effort…get curious about what the truth is behind that.

Everything is POSSIBLE, it just needs to be a PRIORITY.
Sometimes it takes a shove from the universe to make you stop, wake up and listen.
That health scare, the photo that made you realise how happy you looked, the memory you’re reminiscing on…those are prompts to help you notice where you’re not quite where you want to be, or where you’re absolutely nailing it.

People make excuses, “I don’t have time, I don’t have the money, I don’t have the energy”, but what’s really being said is “this is not a priority for me right now”.
Which is totally OK if that’s a thought-through choice. But where are your priorities right now, are they focusing on the right things? Are you avoiding something or deprioritising yourself in favour of making excuses?

Tough one I know! It takes courage to fess up to yourself and admit that.

I’m here, ready to help you work through it… All you need to is reach out and connect with me.


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