When it feels as though you are sitting of the edge of a precipice about to take a step into something that scares you, that can create range of emotions, perhaps excitement, nervousness or fear.
Sometimes the things we fear or dread the most, are the very same things that will provide incredibly rich learning experiences, re-energise us (once achieved), change our mindset, or even change our lives.

Thinking about life as you know it, right now, this second….

What is worrying you, or niggling you?
Are you fearful of anything?
How is this currently holding you back?
Recognise how it feels to be comfortable and safe (your comfort zone), what’s going through your mind?
Consider how it might feel to take a small step outside of your comfort zone to confront your fears, worries or niggles, or to take action that is aligned to your vision of your future life?
What would that one small step be if you were to take it?
Picture yourself having the courage to take that step – what is that like?
Now step back into your comfort zone – what is that like?

Was it as it as bad as you thought?

Of course it’s OK to stay exactly where you are, there is no pressure to be constantly trying new things.

One small step outside of your comfort zone each day can make a big difference to your confidence, self esteem and attitude. Once we start to feel stretched, it gets exciting and if you are doing it for yourself, you will really enjoy the feeling of empowerment you gain.

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