I want to share my 3 top tips for effectively handling that inner voice when it’s not being kind or helpful.

We all have that voice, we play out the words as if they are coming from our own mouths. It happens so often that most people find themselves listening to it without even realising.  Its the same voice saying you’ve got this, as well as telling you the story which creates a negative impact.

So here goes – your super quick, 3 top tips for keeping that inner critic in check!

1. Change the voice in your head.

Yep you read that right, a really simple tactic is to trick the brain a bit.  Imagine if it was your idol or someone you aspire to, saying the really good stuff to you… Now change the naggy niggly voice, you know the one that makes you feel crap.. Change that to a random cartoon character, would you listen if that was Mickey Mouse?

2. Interrupt the pattern. 

You need a phrase which enables you to break that pattern and reconnect to a helpful inner voice. I have found that writing it and having it at trigger areas helpful. So if your default is to look in the mirror and criticise yourself, put a prompt there, or have it as a screen saver on your phone. Somewhere you can easily look.

3. Choose your environment wisely.

I’m talking both people and places here. Surround yourself with negativity and it will seep into your own system over time. Choose to be around people who lift you up and nourish you, and you’ll find its easier to take back control over your own self talk.

Have you noticed it when you’re self-critical?

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