Getting started can be the easiest thing to think about but the hardest thing to actually make happen. When you actually think about that rationally, its completely daft – if its something I want to do – why is it so hard?

I’ll tell you why in one word; FEAR.  We want the change, but we are brilliant (and I mean really brilliant) at letting our brain protect us. The brain isn’t so keen on change, it likes familiarity and knowing what’s expected, so when we try to do something different, the brain rebels a bit.

Jumping from A-Z is always going to be a challenge – heck, even jumping from A-C is!!  So let’s focus on the small steps.

But then you think…I want everything now, instant results and visible progress – sorry to bear bad news…it just doesn’t always happen like that.

Suspend your judgements, focus your expectations on what you CAN start taking action on today – right now. Yes, as you’re reading this, make a decision and commit.

Fed up with negativity? Take a step away from the news, from that friend who saps your energy, take a few deep breaths in nature. One step is all it takes to start something, to begin to change your life, to get more of what you want.

Say NO to that big slice of cake if you’re working on changing what you eat, say YES to opportunities which excite and stretch you if it helps to build your confidence and stretch your comfort zone. Call that friend who always calls you, be the change you want to see.

Start now

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Image credit: Megan Crews

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