We all lead such busy lives these days.
Whether its rushing home from work to pick the kids up, dashing off to the gym, squeezing in extra meetings or generally operating at full throttle – we are all guilty and some more than others.
I’ve noticed this more over the last few months and it was especially apparent when I was involved in facilitating a team away day a couple of weeks ago.
Typically, when people are asked to take time out of their day jobs to ‘get away’ and have a ‘team strategy day’, we often get comments along the lines of “What? 2 days out of the office? When am I going to catch up on those emails/meetings/calls?”, or “why waste time talking about stuff when we can just get on and do it?

Have you thought this before?
When was the last time you stopped? Yes, that’s it, just stopped?

When you actually just pause, even for a few minutes, it gives you time to gather your thoughts. Even though it can feel like time being wasted, some of your most brilliant ideas can emerge.
During this recent team away day, one of the participants commented that they weren’t really keen on the 2 days catch up they knew they would have returning to their day job. At the end of the event, the same person commented how many new ways of working they had identified and could implement that would actually save them time!
It was their light bulb moment – just wish I’d had a camera!

This is no surprise. Having the space to think is what we all need.
Take 5 minutes today to yourself today – now if you can.
If you manage that easily – take 10 minutes.
Once you are comfortable with taking time out, you can use those precious minutes to re-focus your efforts and energy on where it needs to be, rather than ploughing on without conscious thought.

Take enough time to ask yourself some questions…
Consider the following:

  • What is happening in my life right now?
  • What am I telling myself about my life right now?
  • Is that helping or hindering me?
  • What is good?
  • What is less good….or out of kilter?
  • What needs to happen to regain a sense of balance?
  • What am I going to do?

Stopping and considering your current reality is more important than you might think. Choose to take at least one step forward today which will take you towards regaining focus and control.

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