Rules I live by

When you sign up to work with me, you’re not only investing in a financial sense, I ask you to go all in.
This means being truly honest about where you are, what’s going on and where you want to be. Even if those things don’t seem possible (believe me, they are).

How I show up for you is super important too. I’m just as invested in you and you journey as you are – sometimes more when I’m standing by your side at those wobbly moments.

These are just 5 of the ways I do that:

1. Be me, that I can be my best for you
2. Be open about my story, how I got here and what I’m doing
3. Be the truth – reflect back what I hear you say, or not say.
4. Be the lighthouse when you feel like you can’t see a way forward, I’ll help you get over under or through your barriers
5. Be honest – if I’m not the right person to help you on your journey, we’ll talk about that and work together to find the one

I’d love to know yours if you have them?

Amie 💕

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