Each and every day when we wake up, our minds kick into action.

Ok, some of you will take a bit of warming up before the brain properly gets going, but it’s happening even before you really know it…the negative self talk…

“I’ve got that difficult meeting today”,
“I can’t wear that”,
“I look dreadful”,
“I’m so tired”,
“need to lose a few lbs”,
“I really let myself down yesterday”,
“what did I say to provoke that reaction”,
“why do I even keep trying to lose weight/stick to any of my goals”,
“there’s no point”,
“I can’t do it”…

We’re not even kind to ourselves let alone loving!  These are the kind of statements my clients say when they first start working with me, and of course are probably things I’ve said too.  There is always a consequence when you choose language like this. It disempowers you and leads to actions, behaviours, emotions and thought patterns which are not good for your your wellbeing.
Sometimes the statements lead to actions, “I can’t stay on the straight and narrow therefore I won’t even bother, it’s all or nothing” etc.

You might wonder what any of those things have to do with self love, but imagine that someone you love or care for deeply was saying those things to you time and time again, that definitely wouldn’t be OK, would it?

So why do we think it’s OK to talk to ourselves like this? With no love or compassion?

If this is something that you’re aware of, even just a teeny bit, I’m certain that the 3 Steps Workbook (start with self love) below will help you to change things. Enter your e-mail, download, print out and when you have a moment, grab a gorgeous pen (because working with a lovely pen in your hand is a gesture of love to yourself!) and your favourite cup of something to work through the stages.

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