Everyone talks about finding balance, whether it’s to do with work or life in general such as family and finances… anything really.

I’m going to put this out there, every answer is wrong until you find the balance that works for you and anyone else who is an important part of your life.

In the first instance, you need to define what ‘balance’ means to you, create your own definition. What does it look and feel like? How will your energy levels and clarity of thought be?

In order to take a good hard look at yourself, you will need to give yourself permission to be truly honest, even if you feel uncomfortable with it. It’s crucial that you start from a place of truth if you want to move forward. Writing all this down will also hold its own power, don’t just try to do this in your head as it won’t have the same impact and thoughts will get caught up in your brain and could lead to over-analysis.

Imagine a day when you’re striking the perfect balance, it may be in a number of different scenarios, for example if work was in balance what would this be like? If home was in balance, how would this be? Again, note this and if it helps to draw pictures, or even create a collage then do. It has to be powerful and real for you if you are to be motivated to work towards it.

Now consider what the negative consequences are of either staying in the current situation or a worsening one. What will it take for you to move from your current reality to your future? What is the first logical step? No matter how small it seems.

Every time you need to make a different choice in life, it takes energy and effort. Small changes implemented consistently make a huge difference over time, so it’s for you to decide whether the life you strive for is worth the effort.

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