If you’re struggling to find the energy for that last push whether it’s on a Friday, or any day of the week, try one or more of these:

💭Change perspective – sit somewhere different, face a different way or even better stand up if that’s possible
📻Get some tunes on – fire up your brain with some music, I love the big classical stuff or anything with a good beat
🏞️Head out into nature – get some fresh air, even if its standing on your doorstep!
💟Breathe – take some lovely slow deep breaths, relax your body and reconnect to yourself
📝Write – just let your pen flow, write anything that comes to mind, what’s annoying you, what you’re feeling good about, anything that’s niggling…no rules apply here (except maybe not showing anyone)

This is just a handful of ideas, all things that work well for me.
Add your own ideas to the conments and let me know if you give any of these a go today.


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