You’ve heard me talking about the power of small steps taken consistently to create big impact?
These small steps can create positive and less desirable outcomes…Let me explain.

Bob wants to change his lifestyle, so he decides to start walking the one mile round trip to work (burning 300 calories a day)

Barbara is having a hard time at work and finds herself pouring a glass or two of wine when she gets home. (let’s say that’s 300 calories a day).

At the end of week 1:
Bob has burned an extra 1500kcals
Barbara has consumed an extra 1500kcals

At the end of week 4:
Bob has burned an extra 6000kcals
Barbara has consumed an extra 6000kcals


By the time it gets to 12 weeks…

Bob has burned an extra 18000kcals
Barbara has consumed an extra 18000kcals

The impact of their choices was not visible at the start, yet now its beginning to show!! You know when you put your jeans on and that one day they just feel too loose or too tight??!! That’s exactly what Bob and Barbara will experience!

The point is, you have to trust in the beginning that the small steps are making a difference, you don’t notice the progression and it’s easy to give up.

That’s why coaching works wonders over a 12 week period. It’s enough time to keep you focused, on track and accountable to support you in changing how you live your life.

You will experience breakthroughs from your very first session with me, just think what could change in 12 weeks!

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