I promise that how you see me showing up here, in writing, on videos and in my social feeds – its all me!

I am super energetic and I will be with you every step of the way whether you’re working 1:1 or in one of my group programmes. I am also human; I have those days just like you do! And, with what I’ve learned, I tend to experience those moments only rarely now and that is why I’m so passionate about sharing my lessons with you.

When you work with me you can be guaranteed these 3 things:

Cut through the mess, escape overwhelm and in-action, to create clarity

A balance of support and accountability (I’ll smile sweetly but won’t let you off the hook!)

I’ll share my mistakes, and lessons learnt, with truth and authenticity

I’ll use a blend of my skills, knowledge and experience to help you transform your aspirations into a goal and then take focused action to deliver results

1:1 Coaching

If working in a group setting isn’t your thing, why not find out about working privately with me?

My approach is simple; we spend the time on what you need, so we can ebb and flow together to get you where you want to be – it’s a commitment, but we go all in together!

Focus On Me - Online Programme

During our 10 week programme, you’ll learn so much about yourself! I’ll guide you through the exact process that I used to move me towards freedom, towards living my best life!  It’s all about the progress!

Your Best Happy Life

Our incredible membership programme gives you all the resources you need to step into and start living your best life!

Access video resources, join live coaching calls and hang out in our wonderful and supportive community – perfect if you are on a budget

My goal was to feel less stressed. During sessions, Amie helped me to identify small changes, some which seemed so ridiculously simple, that actually made a big (and positive) impact. I had some huge lightbulb moments during the sessions and in between, because the questions really got me thinking. Having a coach helped me to figure this stuff out, the questions Amie asked just helped me really make sense of why I was feeling the way I was; things then fit into place and I was able to let go of things I no longer needed to hang on to.

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