Welcome to our very first bundle – and its all about ABUNDANCE!

In this video, I introduce you to the concept of abundance and what it means to me.  I also share what happened when I began practising an abundant mindset and give you a few ideas to get started, right now.

Scroll down the page to access all of this months resources – they will be saved here too so you can easily look back and find things.  All of the recorded zoom calls are also found here – dive on in!

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This months affirmation is all about noticing where you already have abundance in your life.

For so long, I was ignoring the amazing abundance I had in my life, instead choosing to talk and think about all the life I didn’t have, the things I couldn’t do and the person I couldn’t be.  I kept myself in a place of mindset fear, narrowing my vision and keeping myself stuck.  My life wasn’t bad, in fact I had a pretty decent life, with people around me who I love and respect, work which I enjoyed and a healthy salary coming in.  I just couldn’t see it – it was never enough.  When I began practicing living with an abundant mindset, life changed dramatically for me, I could suddenly see with more clarity, I appreciated what I had and started to learn how to acknowledge the more difficult times with kindness and compassion.  All in all, its a much healthier place to be for your mind!

Fabulous, Focused and Fired Up for June

We’ll work through this together in the Masterclass and the video recording will be added here too

Your questions, answered!!

This video contains loads of great questions (and answers) to help allay any worries about getting started, how long to spend on the different resources, how to find them and navigate around.  If you missed the chance to ask questions, you can ask anytime in the group or by sending me a message

Creating Abundance Visualisation

Sit back, close your eyes, relax and allow your thoughts to be guided during this 10 minute visualisation.  Whilst listening, please ensure you are seated or laying down, and do not listen to this whilst driving.  I particularly enjoy listening before sleep.

You may wish to ensure that your ‘autoplay’ feature is switched off on YouTube so that you don’t get a rude awakening!

The Ritual of Gratitude

I am a HUGE BELIEVER in the power of gratitude.  It seems like such a simple concept, and when you take time to connect with gratitude, you open up a whole world of opportunity and its a perfect companion for this months theme of abundance too – find out why in the masterclass

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