This month I want to move us into taking some action! 

Get set for summer is our July theme and our focus is going to be on crafting your imperfect vision and setting some exciting goals – don’t worry, I’ll take you through this step by step in the masterclasses – you can watch them as often as you need to.

Fabulous, Focused and Fired Up for July

We’ll work through this together in the Masterclass and the video recording will be added here too

Remember that all the support and help comes in the form of sharing in the community and joining me on all the live calls. I can help you think about this months content and share ideas to make it happen in your life.

If you can’t make it, and you have a comment or question, make sure you let me know and I can cover it when I go live so you can hear my response in the replay.

Get set – GO!!

This months affirmation is all about getting that momentum up and seeing some progress

This months affirmation has POWER – it has oomph and you have both these qualities too when it comes to achieving what you want in life.

Even if you think you really don’t know what you want – I’m going to boldly say – you do! On some level it’s there.  When I set out on my journey, I didn’t know what I wanted (or so I thought), I stumbled around for ages freaking out that I didn’t have an achievable life vision, plus, even if I did know what I wanted, it probably wasn’t going to happen.  I wasn’t all down on my luck, I just didn’t know how to get started. I had heard of vision boards, but thought they were a stupid idea because who sticks images and words on a board and then, hey presto, it happens?! I didn’t believe it!!  Turns out that’s not how a vision board works at all and yes it is totally possible to achieve the words and images!  My goals either felt too small and pointless or too ambitious and hard to reach – I now know that those were my beliefs limiting my thoughts and actions, and the truth was, I did know what I wanted but I was scared to admit it and hold myself accountable and I had some shit I needed to work through if I was going to go after my dreams.

So, even if you really don’t know what you are aiming for right now, trust that you do. Trust that the answer is there; I promise you, it is, just listen and don’t dismiss it!  Take steps in the general direction if you can’t quite nail it yet.

Connecting to your inner self – visualisation

I’m not going to lie – this one has the potential to take you deep – so if you’re not ready for that right now, keep working with the Abundance visualisation from last month. I’ve included some of the exploratory questions that I asked myself to really go deep and connect with what was important to me. Some prompts might resonate, some may trigger a flow of ideas, some you may experience nothing at all at the moment.  That’s OK!” Just listen to this track as often as you can throughout the month as I can guarantee that even if your thoughts aren’t at the surface yet. your brain will be working on them.

I would also suggest allowing yourself a bit of extra time during this one. You might want to listen to it and just let if flow and if you want to dive back into the questions with your notebook, I’ve created a journal prompt worksheet to go alongside which includes all the question in the visualisation track.

Sit back, close your eyes, relax and allow your thoughts to be guided during this 10 minute visualisation.  Whilst listening, please ensure you are seated or laying down, and do not listen to this whilst driving.  I particularly enjoy listening before sleep.

You may wish to ensure that your ‘autoplay’ feature is switched off on YouTube so that you don’t get a rude awakening!

Connecting with your Inner Self - Journal Prompts

Here are the questions that I guide us through in this months visualisation.  Feel free to pick one or more to explore and if you’ve never ‘journalled’ before, its super easy to get started, check out the mini-masterclass for info

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