February Focus, it all begins with you.

In this months module, I’m inviting you to come back to you. This might be reconnecting or strengthening your connection with yourself.  You might even be reading this and cringing a little bit at the thought, maybe even asking yourself “what does that even mean?”.

I’ll be honest, I always used to find the term ‘self-love’ a bit icky, and over time, I realised that the phrase meant more to me than just saying “I LOVE ME!”  And if you can look in the mirror and say that to yourself already, well you’re a bit further along than I was when I first started exploring this over 10 years ago!

I show myself love and respect through the choices I make

It’s easy to put the blame elsewhere, but ultimately the choices we make are all based on how we feel about ourselves. This month’s affirmation is there to remind you that long lasting, sustainable and true transformation begins with you.
It begins with acknowledging where you are, and where you’re stopping yourself.
It begins with noticing how you show yourself respect, kindness and love; noticing this through a physical and emotional perspective.
Living your life with some conscious effort to love and respect yourself, empowers you and leads to actions, behaviours, emotions and thought patterns which are more closely aligned to your goals and your wellbeing

Let’s say that you’re on track with a healthy eating lifestyle. Making a choice, to to, for example eat your way out of a bad mood, with food that isn’t aligned to your healthy eating goals, isn’t demonstrating self love or respect. Can you imagine, if you were, then you’d be stuffing your face with veggie sticks instead of cake!

If this is the first time you’ve started to talk or think about self-love and self-respect, you might be experiencing some discomfort, that’s ok, it can take a bit of getting used to, thinking like this.

I’ve included my worksheet; 3 steps to self love.  Print it if you want to, or else just open the document and use the 3 steps to guide your thoughts, or scribbles!

You can tackle this in one sitting, but I love to simmer on things a bit longer and see what comes up.  You might notice different thoughts and feelings each day, or maybe some similar ones. This can be so insightful and guide you to where you might benefit from a bit more focus.


3 steps to self love

Print this or simply use the document to prompt your own thoughts

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