Hello 2021 and welcome to Jumpstart Jan! 

Whilst I truly believe that you don’t have to wait until 1st January to begin anything in life, I love the start of the year for a feeling of renewal and refocus.

This month, your masterclass will be MISSION 2021 – it’s on Thursday 14th January and I would encourage you to join me LIVE to get the best from it. 

MISSION 2021 is all about what you want from this year. Maybe you want to find more ways to enjoy life, take more quality time, or achieve something that feels big, bold and significant for you.

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Your mind and body need to work together to get you where you want to be

There are a lot of messages out there right now….
….the new year, new you vibe…
…set your goals and make this year the best ever…
…take all your lessons from 2020 and apply them in 2021…

And whilst I completely believe in all this, (I am in the business of helping people to achieve their best life, after all), I also know that you absolutely need to be ready for it.
I’ll be honest, I was tired at the end of the year.  I needed some proper time off; away from the desk, offline, simply to hang out at home with my family.  I needed a bit of space to refocus on me and others, and to refocus on what I wanted my business to look like over 2021 and beyond. In between (seemingly endless) building Lego, eating cheese, chocolate and watching movies, I’ve been enjoying some quality reflection time.


I set myself a little task to go through all my old notebooks and pull through old ideas, useful prompts and in the spirit of my 2021 mission – simplify. So far I’ve archived/ditched 3 notebooks and what I’ve noticed whilst doing this is how many of my ideas have actually come to fruition.

I realised that I had been placing my energy into some places that were taking me off my path.

I realised that I needed my energy to flow into some different projects in both life and business. It was time to breathe, and refocus on me.
When you’re setting goals, and taking actions towards achieving them, your energy flows there to support you. This is not just about setting goals, I’m talking everyday life too.  The thoughts you have every day and the actions you take as a result, that’s where your energy flows.
Are you focusing on the right things and therefore putting your energy into where it can support and sustain you?  Or are you pouring energy down the drain?

Life is a constant flow of energy and is driven by you and where you choose to place your attention.  If your focus is on being kind to yourself, energy will flow there, if your focus is on eating healthy, nutritious foods , your energy will flow to that.
When the thoughts you’re having, lead to you taking actions that move away from the life you want to lead, then that is the time to pause, refocus and choose your next move wisely.

Let me know how this is resonating with you right now, and what you want to focus on over 2021.

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