Finding your life flow

When life is in flow, everything seems better. As we move through into the seasonal change, as well as all the crazy it the world around us right now, it seemed right to prompt your to see where life can be smoother, easier and more aligned.

I am here for you!  Please do keep in touch; the Facebook Community is the quickest way, but if you’re not part of that – just pop me an email or make use of the live calls – it’s kinda dull showing up to those and talking to myself!

In these calls you can ask me any questions that are relevant to you right now.  If you can’t make it, and you have a comment or question, make sure you let me know and I can cover it when I go live so you can hear my response in the replay.

As we head towards the end of the year – let’s make this happen!

Let it Flow!!

Sorry – I couldn’t resist!

When you have a smile on your face, life does seem to flow better.  I always say it’s not about false happiness, it’s totally ok to feel grumpy, miserable or out of kilter, but it’s not great if you keep yourself there for too long.

So this month is all about finding your own flow and helping your life flow better, day to day.  I took myself back to last year thinking about this one; I had a month or so when things just didn’t flow – I felt out of sync with life, work, creativity…just a bit Meh – I think you’ll know what I mean?!

This short audio helps you to focus on your breathing, mostly for relaxation but also helpful to ground you and bring you back to your own body.  When you are aware of your body and how it feels, you can begin to notice how it nuances on different days.

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