Mindset is such a fascinating topic and during this month my aim is to give you a broad understanding of what mindset is, and how you can use it to your advantage!

So, my intention is to get you started on mastering your mindset, perhaps building on where you are now and it’s like joining a gym, we need to exercise it so there is plenty to experiment with

You can get my help at any time! Just tag me in the group (ideal for me as I won’t miss your message), or if you really don’t want to post, then send me an email.  The best support will come from sharing in our Facebook community space and joining me on all the live calls.

In these calls you can ask me any questions that are relevant to you right now.  If you can’t make it, and you have a comment or question, make sure you let me know and I can cover it when I go live so you can hear my response in the replay.

Let’s make mindset magic!

In this affirmation, I want to remind you that you create your own mindset - and it can work for or against you!

I remember when I sat down to think about my life.  What was this dream life I wanted? Surely I had missed the boat on making it happen?  You might recall that in last months affirmation, I told a story about stumbling my way towards some kinda semblance of a vision – it wasn’t pretty.

I do believe that looking back I knew what I wanted for many years, before I went to boldly step out and get it; what held me back was my mindset.  I didn’t have the mindset of someone who was going to lead that life I had in my thoughts.  This one shift, the shift to focus on creating a mindset for success, (or a mindset for progress as I later termed it), was really, really tough. But with effort, you can reap rewards and I certainly look back now and realise how much has changed.  I know that I can create my own freedom, I know I can create my own power, I know that I am in charge of my mindset, not the other way round.

It has taken focus, effort and lots and lots of practice; it continues to be something that I work on, day in and day out.  I say work on, but in reality its just part of how I live my life now.  I am proof that you can change your mindset and it can change your life.

Fabulous, Focused and Fired Up for August

We’ll work through this together in the Masterclass and the video recording will be added here too


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