March is all about motivation, movement and momentum

I certainly have more of a spring in my step at the moment, a few days of focusing on me has given me a renewed energy and sharpened my focus.

March is about movement in our members hub.
We’re talking priorities, what’s important, motivations and momentum.  With that in mind I’ve included an audio track to give you some thought prompts. You can listen with your notebook and unleash your thoughts on paper.

It's ok to make a new decision, even when you're down the path

When you set of on a journey, sometimes you have to take a different route right? Well it’s the same with your personal development; sometimes, you’ll head down a path that seemed super important at the point of decision, but some time later – things have changed and you find yourself following a path to a a destination you didn’t want to arrive at!

Reflecting back, I felt a bit like this with my corporate career.  I loved the work I did and I just got caught up in this routine of learning and growth, more responsibility, promotion, career advancements etc…and it wasn’t until I was forced to take a step back (maternity leave), that I suddenly realised I was a long way down a path that wasn’t what I truly wanted – I had just got caught up in it all.

It had a choice – I could continue; a lot of people continue because it’s the safest or easiest thing to do, until the point that they become utterly fed up with it, or lose their job and follow their dreams at that point. the alternative was to  set off down a new path.  I chose the latter. It wasn’t an easy choice – and the path has been bumpy, and even with all that said, I’m very glad that I gave myself permission to tread a new path. Some people might say it was a ‘wasted effort’ – they’re wrong. All the years past have prepared me for this very moment and it will be the same for you too.

This is a guided audio – it’s not a mediation or a relaxing audio, its a journaling prompt, a thought provoker, listen once or more often and I suspect you’ll find new thoughts emerging each time

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