Overcoming your blocks

We all experience blocks in life; some are real and some we make up!! They feel real for sure, but actually, they are just a figment of our vivid imaginations.

It’s not just as simple as snapping your fingers and making it happen, but this can get easier the more you practice it and the more you give yourself permission to:

  • notice what is holding you back
  • name it
  • acknowledge it
  • work out why this is getting in your way
  • explore how you can get over, under, around or through – be creative!
  • Decide on your very next step

And then repeat this process each time a block surfaces for you.

I am here for you!  Please do keep in touch; the Facebook Community is the quickest way, but if you’re not part of that – just pop me an email or make use of the live calls – it’s kinda dull showing up to those and talking to myself!

In these calls you can ask me any questions that are relevant to you right now.  If you can’t make it, and you have a comment or question, make sure you let me know and I can cover it when I go live so you can hear my response in the replay.

As we head towards the end of the year – let’s make this happen!

I will get over, under, around or through this

Whatever ‘this’ is, you can move past it.  

Life throws up moments of resistance all the time; some you’ll navigate without even noticing and others will have you stopped in your tracks, maybe even feeling as though you’re moving backwards, not forwards.

Tell me, when was the last time you thought about all the things you’ve overcome this year?  I’ll bet there are so many, and even more that you’ve forgotten about or taken for granted.  I know that it’s the stuff you’re still working through that will be top of your mind, perhaps you’re even feeling frozen into inaction because of your fear, worries or anxieties about overcoming your blocks.  

I’ve been there, that fear is real – those blocks feel like HUGE boulders that are too heavy to move; the trick is to chip away a bit at a time.

These ideas will improve your sense of self worth, self esteem, and build confidence too.  Even if you think you are OK in this space, I’ll bet there are a couple of ideas here that you can experiment with; heck, they may even prompt you to have your own ideas too!

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