Let’s not rush ahead

Once you have some focus and momentum, its easy to think *tick*, what’s next?  And whilst that’s exciting, I’m all about helping you to sustain your rate of progress and increase it stage by stage.  This month we will be continuing the focus on thoughts, habits and mindset and keeping that mind in tip-top condition.

In the masterclass, I share how to change your thought patterns (the unhelpful ones!) and maximise the power of the helpful, healthy thoughts.

You can get my help at any time!  The best support will come from sharing in our Facebook community space and joining me on all the live calls.

In these calls you can ask me any questions that are relevant to you right now.  If you can’t make it, and you have a comment or question, make sure you let me know and I can cover it when I go live so you can hear my response in the replay.  In fact – if you do absolutely nothing else – make sure you join the live calls!


I’ve been jumping up and down with excitement about what will be possible for me between now and the end of the year.  It’s been OK this year, given all the circumstances, but what I noticed a little over the last month was that I needed a bit more focus, and a bit more impetus.  It wasn’t about motivation (have loads of that), it wasn’t about mindset, it was about creativity.

I never really considered myself a creative by definition.  I have friends who are incredible artists, or fabulous with interiors; those people who can walk into a blank room and fill it with the perfect furnishings; mis-matched but perfectly aligned.

It’s not my usual bag to be honest, but as we have some walls to decorate, I figured I would just cast aside my thoughts of ‘I’m not creative, I don’t have a eye for this stuff’, and simply allow myself to experiment!  Of course this resulting it lots of paint samples and fabric swatches and I found myself enjoying the process.  I definitely have greater strengths in other areas; but I  changed my immediate thought patterns to give an alternative perspective on life.
Our thought processes become so ingrained (understandably and rightly so), that sometimes we need to step back and question them a little.  Is it true? False? Or perhaps you don’t even know because you’ve never tried (like my colour experimentation!!)
I really believe that understanding our thoughts, and changing them when they don’t serve us is a great challenge at times; but when one embraces that challenge and rises to it; huge benefits can be realised.
You really can change ANYTHING at all in life, if you can change your thoughts.

Something a little different this month; just a short audio with some guided experimentation!

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